Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Loose?

Acta had a few strict rules, rules that he seemingly took right out of his dog-eared copy of Mind Game: no stealing and no bunting by position players. Hell, no bunting for base hits, either (I'm looking at you, Zimmerman).

Riggleman, however, seems to be taking a looser approach to things. Morgan generally had the green light to steal, despite admitting that he was still learning to read the pitcher instead of simply trying to outrun the ball. Nyjer's overaggressive baserunning was a problem in Pittsburgh, too. And Morgan's reluctance to stop sliding head-first into bases directly contributed to his broken hand.

Last night, Livan decided to try a squeeze play with the bases loaded and one out. Result? 1-2-3 double play to end the inning.

Riggleman is all about the accountability, which is great, but is he letting his players have too much freedom of thought at the plate and on the basepaths? Maybe his attempts to manufacture runs are giving the players ideas?

(Yeah, I know it's just two unrelated anecdotes.)


IPLawguy said...

Maybe, but its more interesting to watch the Riggleman-led team than Acta's version. I'd rather they lose by taking chances than just lose.


Section 138 said...

A link to 320, but none to Chico? My, my. I wonder if there's anything you would go to him for? (Recipes aside.)

Kevin said...

Hypothesis first, references later. If I can't remember a specific story, whoever comes up higher in the Google gets the link.